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the benefits

Think about how much better you feel after a good night’s sleep. The mind is clear, you are more alert, and you have more energy to deal with the demands of the day.

Now imagine that, in only 20 minutes, you can get the equivalent of several hours of deep sleep simply by sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. And you can do this at home, in your office, on a plane, or anywhere else that you can have a few minutes undisturbed.

This is exactly what happens when you practice Vedic Meditation. When you rest deeply, you create the perfect conditions whereby your mind and body can purify and normalise, throw off stress and fatigue and come back to a state of balance. The results are immediate and significant.

A few minutes of Vedic Meditation each day brings a wide range of practical benefits – a clearer and more creative mind, increased effectiveness, improved health, broader awareness, greater happiness and more rewarding relationships.

Scientific research on meditation shows many benefits, including:

• Reduced tension and anxiety
• Increased resistance to stress
• Improved memory and concentration
• Better learning ability
• Increased energy
• Improved health
• Reduced insomnia
• Greater ability to enjoy life
• Increased self esteem
• Improved relationships
• Reduction of biological ageing

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