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how to learn

Before beginning the basic course in meditation, you must attend an Introduction to Meditation talk. This is a 60-minute overview of the benefits of meditation and course details.

The course is then run over four consecutive days with each session lasting approximately two hours.

In session one you learn the basic mechanics of how to meditate. By the end of the session you know the fundamentals of the technique and are able to practise on your own at home. Right from this first session the mind and body experience profound levels of rest and benefits are gained immediately.

Over the following three days the technique is refined and experiences are verified and validated. At the end of the course you have practical experience combined with theoretical understanding that allows you to practice entirely on your own.

Follow-up sessions are scheduled in the following weeks to fine-tune the practice and continue to build knowledge.

The cost for the basic course is based on a sliding scale depending on earnings.

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