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frequently asked questions

Can anyone learn meditation? Does it work for everyone?
Yes, it is easily learned by people of all ages and backgrounds. The Vedic Meditation technique allows the activity of the mind to settle down in a natural way until it is quiet, but still wide awake. It’s very simple – if you can think, you can meditate.

What does scientific research say about meditation?
The wide ranging benefits of this technique on all areas of life have been validated by more than 600 scientific research studies, conducted during the past 30 years at over 200 research institutes and universities in 30 countries. For recent press articles see meditation in the press.

How do I learn?
Instruction is in four 90 minute sessions over four days. See the section how to learn for complete details.

Do I have to chant, or sit in strange yoga positions?
No. When you meditate you sit comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed in silence. To an outside observer you appear to be simply resting.

Will this interfere with my existing beliefs?
No. This is a simple technique that aids relaxation, relieves stress and increases energy. You do not have to take on any beliefs, change your name or wear funny clothes. People of all races and religions practise meditation.

How long will it take until I feel benefits? Will it take years to master?
Actually, you will feel benefits from the very first time you meditate. Many people report increased energy, more calm and greater clarity in the first weeks, and friends and family will often notice differences as well.

How does Vedic Meditation differ from other types of meditation?
Other styles of meditation involve concentration (focusing the mind through effort) or contemplation (ongoing thoughts about something) – both of which keep the mind active. This is a simple practice that calms and de-excites the mind, quickly and effortlessly.

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