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This meditation is what I have been searching for all my life and it’s surprising how many answers and solutions are found through practising it! Already in the first couple of months of practising I feel less stressed, sleep better and feel much healthier. Most striking of all on a physical level is the improvement of my skin condition; a healthy glow that is noticed by my friends and family. On a more spiritual level, meditation provides a lot of answers to life’s questions, even in the practical sense and worries seem to slowly disappear. Not only do I feel more happy, for some miraculous reason people around me also feel more content. Change yourself and your environment changes with you and life just becomes simpler and more beautiful! Jillian is an amazing woman who will guide you through this journey; when you meet her for the first time, you will know immediately you have knocked on the right door!
Sabine, Hedge Funds Sales

I have been meditating for 3 years. I decided to learn because I was finding everyday life demands difficult to manage and was always tired. I was sure there had to be an easier way to enjoy my life rather than simply existing.  Since learning to meditate, I continue to experience more and more benefits each day. Meditation not only makes my life easier, filled with energy and greater happiness, it also provides my family, friends and everyone around me with a greater sense of enjoyment too.
Marie-Emma, Procurement Manager

Meditation to me represents an effortless and enjoyable path to serenity and self-fulfillment. Everyday I am reminded by experiences of the benefits described to me before I started meditation; all of which have come to be.  Truly transforming of self.
John, Consultant

After only three weeks of meditating, I’m sleeping better and feeling more rested. My mind is much more focused and relaxed.  I’m amazed that after only four lessons I feel so different – friends keep asking what is different about me! Much easier than I ever thought meditation could be – thanks!
Mike, Marketing Manager

Since learning to meditate, I feel less stressed out, and more able to look at work issues with greater objectivity.  I find meditation to be a special sort of pleasure.
David, Board Chairman

After many years of trying to understand how to meditate and failing, I ‘coincidentally’ came across Jillian at a party and the chord was struck when I understood that this meditation was flexible, portable and so very 21st century. The change in the last four months since I began meditating has been phenomenal. It is one of the few things I hate missing. The clarity of thought and metaphors–particularly useful in my job as a journalist–keeps amazing me. Calm is not an adjective that was ever used to describe me, and yet I feel that my sense of self is finally being realised, simply by giving myself these moments every day.
Niki, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

I cannot begin to explain how different my life is since learning meditation through Jillian two years ago. I was never able to sit still for 2 minutes, let alone 20! I thought it would be a huge challenge, but instead it is something I look forward to every day… I find myself working AROUND my meditation. My life is so much more effortless, enjoyable & exciting. Creatively I am much more open at work & I have no more drama in my life! The only side effect I found is that I laugh a lot more than I ever have! I feel like I do less & have more abundance in my life than ever before in every way. I highly recommend Jillian & this wonderful technique.
Yvette, Actress

I had my cardiology appointment and everything looks very good now. Did the treadmill test – they take blood pressure before, during, and one, two and four minutes after. My BP at four minutes was 104/70 – that is excellent! I credit meditation with much of the blood pressure improvement.  Thanks again for making this part of my life.
Mary, Grandmother

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